New CPA Website Domains Available Beginning July 1

CPA firms looking to use a new .cpa website domain can begin doing so as of July 1. The AICPA was awarded the top-level designation this month to allow firms to ensure visitors that such a site is confirmed to be affiliated with the CPA profession.

The .cpa extension will be “restricted” meaning that anyone utilizing .cpa will have to be vetted and verified, as opposed to .com extensions that are largely unrestricted. With so many .com domains given out freely, hackers can more easily and anonymously create “lookalike” websites and email addresses with slightly different .com names to lure unsuspecting visitors.

To move to the CPA restricted domain, a firm will transition from using its current .com address to a .cpa address, allowing it to take advantage of future security protocols for top-level domains. In addition, the AICPA will vet and only authorize proven CPA entities, helping firms to avoid “cybersquatters” that reserve the most common .com names to try and sell them at a premium. Firms can continue to hold their .com domain and forward emails/web queries to their new .cpa domain as long as they keep their registration current.

The cost to reserve a .cpa domain is approximately $195, and more information is available at