IPA Pulse Survey: Hiring on Hold?

IPA Pulse Survey: Hiring on Hold?

IPA’s latest pulse survey tapped the knowledge of nearly 150 MPs in late May on several key issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, given the disruption that many firms have endured and the uncertainty that lies ahead, we were interested in how firms are altering their hiring plans (if at all) for the remainder of 2020.

Among all respondents, more than half (51%) aren’t letting the pandemic interfere with their hiring plans. Some, however, are either pushing back start dates for new hires (17% of all respondents, but more than 50% of firms over $125 million) or putting a freeze on new hires altogether for the time being (24% of all respondents, but more than 40% of firms in the $75-$125 million range).

Other firms, meanwhile, are playing offense when it comes to hiring amid the ongoing crisis, with about one in five of all respondents planning to ramp up hiring. This aggressive stance is most prevalent among firms in the $75-$125 million range, where 57% of respondents are not letting the pandemic derail their quest for new talent.

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