AICPA Votes to Advance New CPA Licensure Model

Targeting the need for a fresh approach to CPA licensing that better recognizes the rapidly changing skills and competencies of the profession, the AICPA governing board voted in its May 20 virtual meeting to advance the new CPA Evolution initiative.

Developed jointly with NASBA based on feedback from more than 3,000 stakeholders in the profession, the proposed CPA Evolution model requires candidates to complete a core in accounting, auditing, tax and technology, to be supplemented by a chosen discipline consisting of deeper skills and knowledge. Regardless of the chosen discipline, the model would lead to a single CPA license, with no requirement that the licensee be limited to his or her chosen practice area.

In putting forth the CPA Evolution model, both AICPA and NASBA have noted that this combination of a common core and specialized disciplines will provide a deeper knowledge base, while better reflecting the realities of practice and remaining open to adaptation as the profession changes over time.

For its part, the NASBA board of directors will consider a vote to support the initiative in July. If approved, the organizations will work together to implement a new uniform CPA exam by January 2024.

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