RSM Faces Shareholder Coup in UK

RSM Faces Shareholder Coup in UK

Following months of internal disarray and the revelation of a major accounting error, a group of shareholders of RSM UK is attempting to oust the firm’s board and block the appointment of new CEO Jill Jones, the Financial Times reported.

The group, led by two former RSM UK executives, claimed in a letter that it has power of attorney to vote on behalf of 64% of shareholders in response to the accounting blunder and a CEO selection process that it believes was rigged – a charge RSM UK has denied. One source close to the situation told the Financial Times that anger against the board was so severe that the group decided to move forward with its grievances despite the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The accounts misstatement related to an error in reported sums set aside for professional liability claims, such as legal action or regulatory fines. The subsequent restatement had a net impact on profits of £2.2 million. RSM UK reported a £5.8 million pre-tax profit in the year to April 2018, which was restated in the 2019 accounts to a loss of £113,000.

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