Dean Dorton Launches Outsourced Accounting Service

Dean Dorton Launches Outsourced Accounting Service

Lexington, Ky.-based Dean Dorton Allen Ford PLLC (FY16 net revenue of $25.6 million) has announced a new service line, Dean Dorton accounting and financial outsourcing (Dean Dorton AFO) for back office and accounting solutions.

Dean Dorton recognizes the increase in demand for collaborative cloud-based applications for both business executives and their teams in order to provide financial data more efficiently and effectively. Dean Dorton is one of the first accounting firms in Kentucky to offer a cutting-edge, scalable mobile accounting solution.

Going further, faster is the goal, allowing businesses to automate their core financials and most important processes, mitigating turnover in accounting staff, ambiguous financials, inefficient processes and constantly outgrowing systems resulting in technology upgrade costs. Through these new technological advancements the Dean Dorton AFO team can offer assistance in basic transaction processing, controller-level services or fully outsourced CFO services.

This innovative approach – offering outsourcing services to companies that don’t want the distraction or costs of running an accounting department, as well as offering selection, design and implementation services for companies with established finance departments – is expected to significantly accelerate client’s growth and enable them to fully utilize real-time financial data online from their office or on-the-go via an app, the firm says.

“Organizations of all sizes must adapt and innovate. This includes adopting more robust financial management systems that enable them to better monitor their performance on an ongoing basis so they can react effectively to rapidly changing market dynamics,” said Jason Miller, director of business consulting services at Dean Dorton.