IPA’s 100 Accounting Firms – “We’re On The Move Again”

INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) is pleased to present the 22nd annual report on the nation’s largest 100 firms, due out in early August.

IPA’s independent report and rankings are among the longest-running, most accurate and up-to-date for the nation’s largest accounting firms.

Quick Snap Shot: Despite all the economic turmoil we’ve seen in the past few years, the headline for the 2011/2012 season for the IPA 100 is “We’re On The Move Again.” Organic fee growth (excluding mergers) was 5.4% compared with the previous year’s lackluster 1.1% growth. It’s still not double digits, but there’s a bit more breathing room and opportunities are on the horizon. In 2010, 40 of the IPA 100 reported a contraction in fees; last year only six firms were in negative territory.

After a down year in ‘10, the Big 4 came roaring back in ‘11 with an overall growth rate of 12%, adding $3.6 billion to the top line, collectively accounting for $33.644 billion in revenues. As an aggregate group, the, other 96 firms collectively added $637 million in fees to the top line, accounting for $12.330 billion in revenues coming from both mergers and organic growth.

More details will be sent to subscribers in early August. There is movement among the IPA 100.