Mega-Association Merger Creates IGAF Polaris

IGAF Worldwide, Fidunion and Polaris International merged to create one of the largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world. The association will be known as IGAF Polaris, headquartered in Miami. The newly created association includes 384 firms, with combined annual revenues of $1.8 billion and a total of 2,400 partners and 16,000 professional staff in 89 countries around the globe. Raymond Buehler Jr., president and CEO of Pittsburgh-based Schneider Downs will serve as the chairman of the world board of directors of the merged association. Former IGAF CEO Kevin Mead will serve as the CEO for the newly created global association. Polaris CEO Julio Gabay will serve as chief regional officer for the North American and Latin American regions. Mead will serve as temporary chief regional officer for the Asia Pacific region. The association will be headquartered in Miami, Fla. A board of directors comprised of the regional boards will provide global guidance and governance for the merged association.