IPA 100, IPA 200 and IPA 300

IPA 100, IPA 200 and IPA 300

The Annual IPA Ranking of the Nation’s Largest Accounting Firms

The IPA 2017 Rankings

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The rankings include the IPA 100, 200 and 300 largest firms in the nation, along with an analysis of the IPA 100 firms


The 2017 IPA 300 Rankings


Beginning in 1994, INSIDE Public Accounting’s Survey and Analysis of Firms and the resulting national benchmarking report on the nation’s largest accounting firms has served as a barometer of the overall health, challenges and opportunities of the profession. The IPA survey and benchmarking report is the gold standard within the profession. Annually more than 540 accounting firms across the North America complete the in-depth financial and operational survey. The data is then used to compile the annual ranking of the nation’s largest accounting firms, which is unveiled in August of each year.

IPA also conducts International benchmarking surveys for the top International associations, that provides the trends of the profession globally. For more than 25 years, trends are uncovered, new firms grace the pages of the IPA newsletter, growth and profitability metrics are highlighted and much more. The annual IPA rankings are among the longest-running, most accurate and up-to-date for the nation’s largest accounting firms.

The IPA Annual Firm Rankings

IPA 100

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IPA 200

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IPA 300

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