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The 2018 INPACT / INSIDE Public Accounting Survey and Analysis of Firms is open for participation.

As a benefit of your INPACT Americas membership, you will receive the following products, guides and benefits:

  • A complimentary electronic copy of the IPA 100 firm rankings, along with detailed metrics and benchmarks on the profession. –  Sent in August.
  • A complimentary PDF copy of the Executive Summary of the 2018 IPA National Benchmarking Report – Sent in October.
  • A PDF copy of the 2018 IPA National Benchmarking Report
  • Preferred pricing on the IPA Financial and Operational Report Card and the Internal Operational Reports, which include Firm Administration, Human Resources and Information Technology.
  • Preference for selection in articles written by IPA throughout the year.

If you are interested in purchasing the IPA Internal Operational Reports or the IPA Financial and Operational Report Card, we highly recommend you take advantage of our preferred pricing.

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Order your 2018 Financial and Operational Report Card and Internal Operational Reports, published in September.


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