THE IPA Culture Assessment

Every business owner knows the key to success is their people. Without an engaged team, sustainability and growth are not possible.


In the quest for achieving lofty goals, leaders can sometimes miss the bigger picture.

Firm partners, HR leaders and department managers recognize that employee engagement not only drives bottom-line results, but also staff retention. But many firms struggle with measuring and utilizing employee engagement in ways that produce a sustainable and competitive advantage.

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Part ENGAGEMENT, part SATISFACTION, part EMPLOYEE-NET PROMOTER SCORE, IPA will assist your firm in bringing firmwide culture to the core of your growth strategy.

IPAs culture assessment provides insight into whether your culture is keeping pace with expectations in a rapidly changing business environment. The data will uncover whether the culture described in your mission statement and core values matches the real behaviors, beliefs, interactions and attitudes within your firm. 

Firms use the assessment to reveal areas of weakness, firm strengths, key cultural qualities to refine, and problem areas to troubleshoot.


The IPA Assessment can assist you in identifying the relative strength of your firm in core cultural qualities that are directly linked to achieving key business results, drivers of profitability and employee engagement.



A Core Qualities Report


Favorability reports that contain firmwide, departmental and gender breakout scores


Complimentary copy of the full report with aggregated results from all participating firms


Your firm’s employee Net Promoter Score


Consideration for the IPA Excellence in Firm Culture award


Aggregated score grid of all participating firms


“The IPA Firm Culture Assessment gave us a solid diagnostic tool to understand exactly where we were and the insight into what we needed to focus on to maintain our culture. With so many external forces affecting us, our industry and our clients, this assessment helps us keep true to our core – the North Star of our Culture – as we navigate the coming change.”

– Kathy Sealman

Human Resources Director, Richey May

“The IPA Firm Culture Assessment was the perfect tool for our firm. The report helped us validate that we have focused efforts in key areas on building a stronger culture and that we can now record our results and set more defined goals. IPA developed a streamlined process for the assessment and were always quick to respond to any questions. We will continue to participate in the survey for years to come.”

– Tara R. Gartrell

Human Resources Director, Cooper Norman


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