IPA Pets and Kids

Pets and Kids

chelseadogName: Corona a.k.a. Rona

Species/Breed: Canine/Boxer Mix

Family Unit: Lives with Chelsea (and occasionally Grandpa, who is Rona’s favorite)

Favorite Activity: Chasing things, running, getting people to pay attention to her, tug of war … EATING

Skill Set: Looking cute and getting tons of table scraps.

Character Defect: She never slows down. Can we say Energizer bunny?

Did you know? Corona knows how to pull weeds, well she knows how to pull plants. We’re still working on which ones are weeds.

catlatteName: Mocha

Species/Breed: Feline/Bombay

Family Unit: Lives with Chris Camara, her husband, Mike, and two teenage boys.

Favorite Activity: Looking smug and satisfied

Skill Set: Independent. Lifts window with paw and enters and leaves as she pleases

Character Defect: Kills small animals and pounces on your ankles if you dare walk by.

Did You Know? Our previous cat was named Latte. Next cat? Espresso!

DavidName: David Dawson

Species/Breed: Human/Artist

Family Unit: Son of Chris Camara and Mike Dawson

Favorite Activity: Drawing, hiking

Skill Set: Encyclopedic knowledge of dinosaurs.

Character Defect: See “skill set.”

Did you know? Birds, not reptiles, are the closest living relatives to dinosaurs.

david and birdName: Crest

Species/Breed: Bird/Cockatiel

Family Unit: Lives in the bedroom of David Dawson, Chris’ 16-year-old son.

Favorite Activity: Eating and eliminating.

Skill Set: Flying.

Character Defect: Thinks outside the box (cage).

BlakeyName: Blake Dawson

Species/Breed: Human/Actor

Family Unit: Lives with Chris Camara and Mike Dawson

Favorite Activity: Acting, singing. Preferably both in one show.

Skill Set: Encyclopedic knowledge of “Bob’s Burgers”

Character Defect: See “skill set.”

Did you know? H. Jon Benjamin, the voice actor for Bob Belcher in “Bob’s Burgers” also voices Sterling Archer in “Archer.”

GrizName: Grizzly

Species/Breed: Canine/Golden Retriever

Family Unit: Lives with Chris Camara, her husband, Mike, and two teenage boys.

Favorite Activity: Snuggling

Skill Set: Friendly, outgoing and eager to please. Knows how to sit, stay and shake.

Character Defect: Rushes into street to visit passersby.

Did You Know? Chris didn’t want a puppy, so Mike drove to New Hampshire early in the morning, got 12-week-old Grizzly, drove him home and deposited him on her lap. Love!

Img_0018Img_0263Img_2305Names: Murray, Riley and Quincy

Species/Breed: Canine/Golden Retriever

Family Unit: Lives with Mike and Kelly – spoiled rotten and would not have it any other way.

Favorite Activity: Swimming, finding doggie treats, sleeping.

Skill Set: They totally rock.

Character Defects: Hair, hair, hair, hair and more hair.

Did You Know? Mike never had a pet as a child, but now is a big animal lover.

cat1Elmofun2Alf1Names: Zoe, Alfie, and Elmo

Species/Breed: Feline/Ragdoll

Family Unit: Live with Mike and Kelly

Favorite Activity: Lounging, walking on counters and tables

Skill Set: Can drink from the faucet. No water bowl needed!

Character Defect: Shed fur continuously.

Did you know? Mike and Kelly also appreciate fish, since they don’t drop fur around the house or demand to share the bed. They have a koi pond and four fish tanks.