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Our Team

Meet the Team at INSIDE Public Accounting


Kelly Plattthe managing principal of INSIDE Public Accounting and partner in The Platt Group, has worked within the profession since 1994 and has developed a deep understanding of the inner workings of CPA firms. A co-founder of, Kelly currently directs all aspects of INSIDE Public Accounting’s Annual Survey and Analysis of Firms and the monthly IPA newsletter. She launched The PRIME Symposium, an annual event, built around the best practices of the INSIDE Public Accounting Best of the Best firms.


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Mike Platt, the managing principal of The Platt Group, has been working with firms since 1985. As a past executive of two accounting firm associations and co-founder of, Mike has helped large local and regional firms across North America grow and thrive. A frequent speaker, Mike specializes in benchmarking trends, best practices of successful firms and is a frequent presenter, speaker and facilitator at partner retreats. Mike’s interest in working with the accounting profession has been fueled by his desire to help professionals reach their potential. “My goal is to help others see things differently, motivate them to do things differently, and provide ideas of how others like them have successfully overcome the obstacles that are common in professionals’ lives,” Mike says.


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Chris Camara is the managing editor of the monthly INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) newsletter. Chris conducts research and interviews MPs, CFOs and the profession’s thought leaders to keep IPA readers informed on the top management issues, best practices and innovations within the profession. Chris has worked with The Platt Group as an accounting profession writer since 2000. At IPA, Chris has cultivated strong relationships with “Best of the Best” firm leaders and consultants and stays current on major developments in public accounting. In 2014 Chris took on the lead role for the annual Association for Accounting Marketing’s Marketer of the Year Award. Chris works closely with firms and marketers across the nation to name the “top” marketer in the accounting profession.


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Chelsea Summers is the director of operations and executive assistant to Kelly Platt. Chelsea works closely with participants in the annual Survey and Analysis of Firms by assisting them with survey data and clarifications, and with marketing the accolades that stem from the annual survey. Chelsea provides support to the editorial team in numerous capacities, and is the key contact for media and firm news. She serves as both the liaison for media and advertising for IPA. She enjoys building relationships with the firms and their employees, and showcasing their news and achievements to the IPA audience. Chelsea serves as the event planner for the annual PRIME Symposium.


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