Who’s Your Accounting Buddy?

What do activities like karate and weightlifting have to do with learning accounting fundamentals? According to accounting platform Accounting Seed, they’re great ways to introduce and illustrate accounting principles in an easy-to-understand way in the new downloadable board game The Accounting Game with Buddy.

Coupled with an instructional video and explanation guide, this hands-on game of accounting basics is hosted by company mascot Buddy, who leads players on a journey from simple debits and credits all the way through to financial reporting. The game’s playing cards and strategy are designed to make accounting practices and terms more tangible for everyone from students to department managers.

“Our mission is not only to provide the best accounting solution but also to educate our global community on accounting and finance as it is the foundation of every business,” says Accounting Seed founder and CEO Tony Zorc. “Our initial goal was to help Accounting Seed customers that don’t have formal accounting training understand the basic concepts and processes behind their business’ accounting, but it has grown to become so much more than that.”