Virginia CPAs Look Ahead Amid the Pandemic

A recent survey from the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) found that about one-fifth of respondents expect their business to expand in 2021 despite the headwinds of COVID-19, and more than a third are optimistic about the year ahead because they were prepared for the hardships of the pandemic. Among the other findings from the 162 respondents in the VSCPA survey:

  • Most respondents have been investing in technology during the pandemic, and 40% plan to make even bigger investments in technology assets in the coming year.
  • The safety and health of employees was the top concern for 73% of respondents, with most working remotely or taking other precautions due to the pandemic since back in mid-March.
  • Amid the crisis, about a quarter of respondents were able to begin offering new services to their clients.

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