Duffy Kruspodin Enters Into Wealth Management Partnership

Woodland Hills, Calif.-based IPA 200 firm Duffy Kruspodin (FY19 net revenue of $21.5 million) has joined forces with Boston-based financial planning firm Integrated Partners to form DK Wealth Management LLC.

The move is the latest by the Integrated CPA Alliance, which was formed in 1996 to align CPAs and financial advisors in service to high-net-worth and business-owner clients. The newly formed partnership will be led by Duffy Kruspodin partner Josh Bodenstadt and Integrated’s Kris Lindley.

“As CPAs for businesses and families with complex financial needs, suffice to say we take an immense amount of pride in our ability to serve those clients as true partners,” says Bodenstadt. “We don’t refer clients to other professionals lightly and when we do, we’re watching like a hawk – our reputation is of paramount importance. Integrated and Kris Lindley in particular impressed us from the outset, and they have delivered for us, and our most trusted client relationships.”