AICPA Teams with Fintech Firm on New PPP and Funding Platform for Small Businesses

AICPA and have teamed up with fintech firm Biz2Credit to launch, a new platform designed to streamline the process for CPA firms advising small businesses on both PPP loan forgiveness and additional small business financing options.

Building on its automated PPP loan forgiveness tool introduced in July, the new platform produces all government forms required under the PPP program, supports calculations on payroll and other expenses and produces a master report with the applicant’s electronic signature that can be delivered to the underwriting lender. The basic loan forgiveness tool included in is abetted by new features including functionality that allows firms to easily aggregate clients, customize engagements and track progress on loan and financing applications, as well as integration to additional lending options for clients and enhanced customer service for CPA firms.

“Over the past six months, CPA firms have played a defining role with their clients around the different business relief programs, especially the Paycheck Protection Program,” says Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO of “We’re now taking the next step in launching a cloud-based business relief platform for firms to use in providing these services. In many ways, this is developing into a strategic service line for firms and it is important for them to have professional tools to support it.”

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