Cullari Carrico Admits New Partner

Ellen McGraw

Cullari Carrico of Fairfield, N.J., announces that Ellen A. McGraw has joined the firm and been admitted as a partner.

MP Jason Cullari says of McGraw, “She is well respected for the high level of consulting and advisory services she provides to clients. Ellen thinks like a CEO so her discussions with clients are more in-depth and focused on providing solutions.” She is the third partner that Cullari Carrico has added this year.

“The accounting records, financial statements and tax returns start the discussion but the real value I provide is in the opportunities discovered in the ongoing communication,” adds McGraw. “I discuss strategic topics like management, operations, staffing, employee relations, budgeting and communications with my clients.”

Although McGraw works with small and medium-sized businesses in diverse industries, she specializes in serving veterinarians. She also provides pro bono accounting and tax services to two not-for-profit organizations that fund veterinary services for pet owners in need.

Before joining Cullari Carrico, McGraw served as a partner in two North Jersey firms for 15 years.

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