Sikich Expands Presence in Central Illinois

Naperville, Ill.-based Sikich LLP, an IPA 100 firm, is expanding its presence in central Illinois by merging in Heinold Banwart of East Peoria, Ill., in a deal expected to close on Aug. 31. Heinold Banwart’s Peoria-area office will be Sikich’s third in the region, after Springfield and Decatur.

Heinold Banwart offers accounting, tax, audit and assurance, retirement plan, management consulting, business valuation and wealth management services to clients in industries including manufacturing, construction, agribusiness, health care, real estate, not-for-profit and local governments. Approximately 50 Heinold Banwart employees will join Sikich in the deal.

“The Heinold Banwart team adds valuable talent to our group and strengthens our position as a leading service provider in this market,” says Tom Krehbiel, PIC of Sikich’s CPA services.

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