Squar Milner Merges In Howard and Jacobs, Spin-off of BPE&H

Irvine, Calif.-based Squar Milner LLP (FY18 net revenue of $98.2 million) announces the hiring of Scott Howard and Suzanne Jacobs, two partners who spun off from BPE&H of Woodland Hills, Calif.

The merger with Howard and Jacobs is effective Jan. 1. The deal will add $3 million in revenues and 11 professionals to Squar Milner, which has more than 600 professionals and associates, the firm announced. Squar Milner entered the agreement with Howard and Jacobs a week after announcing that it was combining with SRG of Woodland Hills and Los Angeles.

The SRG and Howard and Jacobs teams team will be located in Woodland Hills and will keep the Squar Milner name.

The newly combined offices will result in over 215 professionals representing Squar Milner in the Los Angeles region. The Woodland Hills office will be the second San Fernando Valley location for Squar Milner, as well as the third in Los Angeles.

MP Steve Milner says of the Howard and Jacobs team, “They are committed, as are we, to making our new Woodland Hills office another anchor in Los Angeles. They have great clients who we look forward to serving. Their real estate and restaurant expertise will significantly enhance our firm.”

Howard says, “We love their culture. They work hard to make their firm a really nice and profitable place to work. This will give our people an unlimited number of career opportunities.”

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