Just Announced: The 2018 IPA 100

Just Announced: The 2018 IPA 100

Congratulations to the 2018 IPA 100 Firms

INSIDE Public Accounting unveils the IPA 100 – the annual list of the largest 100 accounting firms in the country. Find out if your firm made the list.

IPA subscribers and firms that completed the IPA survey will receive the August issue, which features the IPA 100, IPA 200 and IPA 300 list, the fastest-growing IPA 100 firms, and an analysis of the data. The newsletter will be released this week.

Demographics of the Public Accounting Profession – 2018

The Big 4 firms collectively represent $56.5 billion in revenues, making up 75% of the total revenue of the IPA 100. The next 96 firms represent $20.1 billion in total revenues. Excluding the Big 4, 42 firms are known as the IPA $100 Million Club, with revenues above that number. The 96 non-Big 4 firms collectively employ more than 90,000 staff across the United States.

View the 2018 IPA 100, 200 and 300 rankings.


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