KPMG Launches Ignite, Portfolio of AI Capabilities

KPMG Launches Ignite, Portfolio of AI Capabilities

New York-based KPMG (FY16 gross revenue of $8.6 billion) has launched Ignite, a portfolio of artificial intelligence capabilities that are designed to enhance and automate the decisions and processes their clients use to go digital.

“Artificial intelligence, combined with advanced data and analytics and robotic process automation are enabling a new generation of intelligent automation that is changing the nature of work and quality of services,” says Cliff Justice, principal and leader of intelligent automation.

KPMG Ignite features:

  • KPMG-built accelerators – patterns and tools that enable rapid AI solution development and delivery. These accelerators can reduce implementation time by integrating with existing IT infrastructure without the need for developing new methodologies and templates.
  • A set of frameworks and methods that describe and guide how KPMG professionals approach client-specific AI solutions and make them repeatable.
  • An intelligent automation lab.
  • Ongoing testing, prototype development and innovation on emerging AI tools and approaches.

“The promise of AI requires more than just technology. Its power must be grounded on a foundation of trusted analytics, access to unique and reliable data, and deep-rooted domain knowledge in order to drive new insights and strategies,” says Brad Fisher, U.S. leader of data and analytics. “KPMG Ignite fills a critical void in the marketplace for businesses that aim to meet the competitive challenges of the future, particularly those who wish to expand and serve customers more efficiently.”

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