Tunney Merges with Rockstar, CPA to Serve the Entertainment Industry

Tunney Merges with Rockstar, CPA to Serve the Entertainment Industry

Chicago-based Michael Tunney of Tunney & Associates recently merged with Rockstar, CPA to provide skilled accounting services to entertainment industry professionals.

Tunney & Associates has locations in Orland Park and Hammond, Ill., and recently acquired the office of Rockstar, CPA in downtown Chicago to serve the niche needs of individuals working in the entertainment industry.

Tunney explains, “Accounting for small businesses, whether you have a handful of employees or you’re working on your own, is a highly complicated process. We recognized a need in the downtown area to provide skilled tax and accounting help for self-employed artists and other business owners in Chicago, which is why we merged with Rockstar, CPA. Our new, centralized location allows us to provide these industry specific services to business owners in this area who need it most.”

Tunney & Associates’ entertainment industry accounting services include traditional monthly accounting processes geared to a business’ entity, such as income statements and balance sheets. Tunney and his team can also help self-employed artists and entrepreneurs find tax deductions and avoid tax penalties by properly deducting all relevant tax payments.

“If you’re a photographer or artist working contract jobs all over the state or the country, it can quickly get confusing as to how you’re supposed to document all of that,” Tunney says. “We set up our new location to specially help a new client base in the downtown area get answers to those important financial questions.”