Survey: Firms Focusing Less on Hours Worked

The percentage of accounting firms that are measuring staff success by the number of hours worked is dropping, according to a survey conducted by ConvergenceCoaching.

The consulting firm, in a series of articles, has been exploring the results of its Anytime Anywhere Work Survey conducted last spring. According to partner and co-founder Jennifer Wilson, “We were very pleased to see that 42% of the 155 firms surveyed have implemented measures on something other than time and another 17% are considering doing so. This is up from the 39% who were using non-time based measures and the 13% who were thinking about it in 2014.”

The No. 1 characteristic measured was individual financial performance measures, she wrote. One respondent shared, “We have changed our performance focus from hours to revenue commitment. The idea is that we need a revenue commitment from our…staff, but the hours needed to create that revenue are not as important and allow for flexibility.”

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