Weaver Launches Compliance Navigator App

Weaver Launches Compliance Navigator App

Fort Worth, Texas- based Weaver (FY14 net revenue of $88.1 million) announced the release of the Weaver Compliance Navigator app. The app, available free of charge, features a searchable directory of fuels regulations governed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It can be accessed and downloaded at www.weaver.com/app.

“Our Compliance Navigator centralizes the information energy companies use every day,” says Wade Watson, PIC of energy compliance and renewable services at Weaver. “This app eliminates the need to use multiple platforms to access the information energy professionals need. It provides access to multiple state, federal and international fuels regulations in one, easy-to-use location.”

Central to the app’s features is its searchable index of the EPA’s Code of Federal Regulations, one of the most visited set of regulations by professionals in the fuels industry. The app allows users to quickly search the full text of the regulations and find the information they need.

In addition to being a tool for quickly locating needed regulatory information, Weaver’s app will also include timely updates from Weaver’s energy compliance team. These updates will provide valuable insight into pertinent regulations and how businesses can best navigate the given requirements.

“This tool gives us an opportunity to easily speak directly with industry professionals,” says Watson. “It is important to us to provide the best possible client service, and this app helps us do just that.”