Berdon Launches Services for Offshore Owners of U.S. Real Estate

Berdon Launches Services for Offshore Owners of U.S. Real Estate

New York-based Berdon LLP (FY13 net revenue of $101 million) launched a new service, Business Management for Offshore Owners of U.S. Real Estate, to fulfill their accounting, tax and administrative needs.

“New York remains one of the strongest markets in the country for real estate investment by offshore owners,” says Maury Golbert, chair of Berdon’s real estate services group. “Given Berdon’s substantial real estate practice, the firm’s extensive international, state and local tax expertise and our business management experience, we are well equipped to guide offshore owners of U.S. real estate both before and after the purchase.”

Prior to acquiring a U.S. residence, Berdon advises offshore individuals on the following:

  • Should the real estate be owned by an individual, trust, corporation or LLC?
  • How can tax obligations be minimized—now and when faced with estate taxes?
  • What is the most efficient way to finance the acquisition?
  • How can the offshore owner be assured that all local, state and federal obligations are being met?

Following the purchase, Berdon supplies offshore owners with accurate, reliable assistance with tax filings, bill paying, bookkeeping, budgeting and record keeping services.