AICPA Announces 2014 Leadership Academy Graduating Class

The AICPA is pleased to announce the 2014 Leadership Academy graduating class. These 37 future leaders of the accounting profession participated in an intensive four-day program in Durham, N.C., which concluded earlier this month.

This year’s class discussed the pressing issues facing the profession and charted the direction CPAs need to take to remain a dynamic and active participant in the global marketplace. Attendees participated in leadership development sessions with some of the profession’s most influential leaders, including AICPA Chairman Bill Balhoff, Barry Melancon, the Institute’s president and CEO, and Janice Maiman, AICPA senior vice president of communications, media, news and professional pathways.

“This year’s Leadership Academy class is a talented, energetic and diverse group of individuals who will continue to make a positive impact on the accounting profession for years to come,” says Balhoff.

The AICPA Leadership Academy was established to inspire, nurture and empower the next generation of CPA leaders by providing them with advanced leadership training, access to well-connected professional networks and opportunities to exercise leadership within the profession. Having just graduated its sixth class, almost 200 CPAs have now participated in the Leadership Academy.

“My experience at Leadership Academy impressed upon me that there is no one ‘correct path’ to becoming a successful leader,” says Jessica Cormier, supervisor, HORNE LLP and a 2014 Leadership Academy Graduate. “Rather, I learned how to identify the unique qualities I possess and how to channel those strengths to enhance my team, my firm and my profession.”

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As for Durham N.C. and the Leadership Academy, details for the 2015 Leadership Academy will be available online in early 2015.