Ontario’s Accounting Profession Unites Under CPA Designation

Ontario’s Accounting Profession Unites Under CPA Designation

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario and the Certified General Accountants of Ontario signed a unification agreement, the second last step to uniting this province’s accounting profession under the CPA designation. The final step will be the passing of a new Chartered Professional Accountants Act.

The signing of this agreement brings to a close a significant amount of collaboration and dedication to building a stronger unified accounting profession, both within this province and across Canada, all of which began in earnest in the spring of 2011.  Ontario’s certified general accountants will now become members of CPA Ontario.

An earlier agreement was signed between CPA Ontario (formerly the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario) and the Certified Management Accountants of Ontario, leading to CMAs becoming members of CPA Ontario in April, 2014.

A united Canadian accounting profession will have a stronger voice at home and around the world, a single Canadian accounting designation, and one rigorous set of standards for qualifications and conduct – all of which will provide strong protection of the public interest.

“Our combined membership of more than 80,000 is now part of a unification movement that represents all of Canada’s more than 185,000 designated accountants,” says Robert Scullion, the chair of CPA Ontario. “This is a significant achievement, one which brings the opportunity for a united accounting profession to speak on behalf of the public interest and its members.”