Share Practice Management Ideas with the “Best Practice / Innovation Project”

INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) and IPA Most Recommended Consultant, Steve Erickson of Erickson Whitman LLC, have teamed up to gather and  share information intended to help firms succeed.

We  want to gather details of innovative programs, tactics, strategies and ideas from leaders who are taking their firms to the next level.

We  will gather the information and share it with other firm leaders in a report and in future IPA articles. We’ll capture ideas related to every area of a practice to include workflow, resource allocation, ownership, human resources and marketing that others have successfully implemented. We’ll categorize the ideas into an easy-to-use index so that firms can find a host of ideas for an area of  their practice that they are looking to improve.

Why Should You Participate?  The reason is simple: access to innovative ideas and practices. You will receive full access to the final report. IPA will also highlight best practices and innovations shared during the project in articles throughout the year.

What’s The Cost of Participation? In this introductory phase, participation is free and access to the information is at no cost to all initial participating firms. If in the future this policy changes, anyone who has contributed prior to that date will be grandfathered into the system and will continue to receive free access.

What Is The Criterion? If you feel that an innovative idea, practice or strategy has helped you, include it! You decide if you want to add one or 10 ideas to the project.

When Will The Final Report Be Ready?  October 2012. Supplements will be added as more information is added to the resource library.

Can I Participate and Remain Anonymous?  Yes. Just submit your e-mail address and we will not share your name or your firms name with the innovation/best practice library.

How Do I Get  Started? Talk to the team members who would be closest to the actual implementation of the ideas or best practices that you will be describing. You can choose how many ideas to contribute.

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